Monday, December 6, 2010



Whether you have a special occasion and want to eat at an exceptional restaurant, or whether you’re treating family or business associates, quality foods, culinary expertise, and superior customer service come together to create a truly memorable dining experience. With 15 years of service, Nihonbashi has undoubtly the perfect Japanese setting to indulge a memorable culinary experience with grandeur.

Nihonbashi’s exclusive Wine Room which seats four, is the path to a refreshingly enigmatic experience for the Colombo escape-seeker. Being part of the already existing 7 private dining rooms at the flagship restaurant at Galle Face Terrace, the Wine Room can be referred to as one of the biggest steps in the evolution of the Colombo dining culture.

Located in the first floor, the room is styled with a bamboo and glass mixed architecture and the contemporary lighting sets the stage for a hybrid between the cosmopolitan private dining room and the traditional Japanese wine cellar. The Japanese cuisine in a world of wine, the Wine Room combines sophistication with aesthetic perfection.

Equipped with an i-pod to let the diners chose the music to suit their mood the wine room is the perfect place to entertain, that special person with privacy and elegance or a special business delegation.

Talking about his one of a kind concept according to Nihonbashi’s founder owner, Chef Dharshan Munidasa “It is not a cellar in the true sense (it is on the first floor) but it’s a place where we store our wines, your memories and the wealth of opinions on the mutual appreciation of wines.

It is a wine room that I think that mixes both the Japanese world and the world of wine, and I hope you find it to be so. It’s a space created to respect wines, and more importantly to enjoy another dimension of Nihonbashi. I hope you and your fellow diners will enjoy the ‘shrine’ we created for our food and great wines”

So, if you want to capture the elite dining experience at the Nihonbashi’s Wine Room, please walk into Nihonbashi’s flagship restaurant at No.11 Galle Face Terace, Colombo 03 or call up for reservation on 011 232 3847. For more information e-mail Nihonbashi on info@nihonbashi.lk

Monday, November 29, 2010

This season Nihonbashi presents all new range of Sushi Party Sets

This festive season, isn’t it wonderful to share your enthusiasm for Japanese cuisine with good friends and loved ones?  Now you can enjoy Nihonbashi’s Sushi in the comfort of your home with so many combinations to choose from tuna, salmon, prawns, cucumber and so on from nigiri sushi and various maki. Our Suchi Party Sets are made catering for as a wholesome meal for one person or the family or even as an ideal appetizer during special occasions or get-togethers of ten to thirty people depending on your requirements.  

With the growing popularity of sushi fans in Colombo, inspired fine Japanese cuisine, Nihonbashi introduces a whole new range of Sushi Party sets starting from 11 pieces to up to 62 pieces including home and couple trays. Sushi, which becomes an addiction among Japanese food lovers, is made using  Japanese sticky rice combined with rice vinegar and decorated with small slices of ingredients such as vegetables, cooked or raw fish or seafood. The Sushi platters at Nihonbashi comes with soya sauce, pickled ginger, chopsticks and with extra wasabi on request.

 Why wait? Go ahead and throw up your own sushi party at home with Nihonbashi’s  wide selection of platters not forgetting that simplicity and elegance are the hallmarks of a classic sushi party. What’s more, you can also accompany snacks like edamame (Japanese soya bean pods) and miso soup to entertain your guests with a truly Japanese sensation. 

For more information or to order your sushi party sets contact Nihonbashi on 011- 2323847 or  e-mail info@nihonbashi.lk. Sushi Party sets are available for take away at Nihonbashi ODEL outlet from 12 noon- 8pm and can also be ordered from the Main Restaurant at No.11, Galle Face Terrace, Colombo 03 and Nihonbashi Hilton Colombo Residence outlet during 12 noon- 2.30pm and 6.00p.m- 10.30 p.m or simply by dialing Room Service on 011-5768768.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cha-Han - Japanese Styled Fried Rice at Nihonbashi

Chahan at Nihonbashi
Most of us love fried rice, which is a popular component of Asian cuisine, with its irresistible fragrance especially when it is served straight from the frying wok !!!

Among the countless variations of fried rice, Japanese cuisine too has its own varieties commonly falling under Cha-han which is a key component especially in Ramen restaurants in Japan. It is very different from fried rice found in American Chinese or authentic Chinese cuisine, as it uses Japanese short-grain rice, which generally has a stickier consistency than that used in other countries.

Inspired fine Japanese cuisine in Colombo, Nihonbashi serves you a variety of cha-han or Japanese style fried rice to suit your likings and taste preferences namely chicken cha-han, shake cha-han (Norwegian salmon Japanese style fried rice), ebi cha-han (succulent whole tiger prawns in fried rice), Yaki buta cha-han (slow roast home made char siu pork fried rice) and of course not forgetting to serve the veggie lovers vegan cha-han. Nihonbashi imports Japanese rice and uses stock water bringing the real taste of the cha-han for diners.

Kani Cha-han which can be defined as ‘Japanese style crab fried rice’ is a Nihonbashi signature dish with a fusion introduced by the founder and owner, Chef Dharshan Munidasa with an unbeatable taste that can never be met by any other Japanese restaurant. The kani cha-han is made using Sri lankan Lagoon crab meat that are steamed fresh and the meat is removed by hand.

A word of caution though. Do not get disappointed if you are told that Kani cha-han at Nihonbashi is not available. Kani cha-han at Nihonbashi sometimes run out of supply as it is one of the most popular dishes among the foreign and local guests alike. The Lagoon crab used to prepare Kani cha-han is in high demand not only in Sri Lanka but in the whole South East Asia and this special dish can only be found right here in Sri Lanka only at Nihonbashi !

So if you are a fried rice lover why not consider to drop-in to Nihonbashi at the Galle Face Terrace and experience the real taste of Cha-han made fast and furious especially for your dining pleasure. Reservations are just a call away on 011-2323847 or simply e-mail to info@nihonbashi.lk for more information.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ten Sabi Temaki- Lil bit hot, lil bit cold, original fusion dish from Nihonbashi

Temaki Sushi also known as hand roll sushi is one of the easiest styles of sushi to make. It is simply easy to hold, difficult for the contents to spill while eating, and can be exquisite looking when filled with a variety of ingredients.
The Ten Sabi Temaki is a Nihonbashi original Roll. It’s a fusion of sushi and tempura, where wasabi-mayonnaise is folded into sumeshi (sushi rice i.e vinegard rice) where a whole crispy Black Tiger prawn Tempura is individually wrapped to a cone. It has become one of the favourites among the Japanese & non Japanese guests alike who patronage the restaurant.

This hand roll, initially served without a name for about six months, was later named after the Tempura (ten) Sabi from wasabi and the method of rolling Temaki (hand roll)

Dharshan the owner of Nihonbashi add that the warmth of the prawn gives wings to the mayonnaise and there are several temperatures and textures in this one dish.
So whenever you make a visit to Nihonbashi restaurants located at No.11, Galle Face Terrace, Colombo 03 or Hilton Colombo Residence, don’t forget to have a crispy Ten Sabi Temaki enjoying the hot and cold mix of tempura and sushi rice, and feel the mayo vapours leaving the sushi to play havoc with sense of smell and most importantly its taste.

By the way, if you like to know how to prepare this special dish at home do drop an email to info@nihonbashi.lk or call Nihonbashi on 011-2323847.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

World Famous Batter Fried Dishes from Nihonbashi

Crunchy and crispy, Tempura is a very popular food in Japan, as well as one of the best known around the world which was introduced by the Portuguese traders in the 16th century and since then, the Japanese have transformed it into something uniquely their own using creativity.

Good Tempura is a dish of seafood or vegetables that have been battered and deep fried. While shrimp continues to be the dominant ingredient, a large number of vegetables including broccoli, okra, eggplant, squash, mushroom and sweet potato are now quite common.

Inspired fine Japanese cuisine in Colombo, Nihonbashi’ main restaurant serves a variety of dishes such as Ika Ten [soft and not rubbery premium squid tempura], Agedashi Tofu [deep fried tofu with tentsyu and bonito flakes], Ebi Ten [black tiger prawn tempura], Yasai (vegetable) tempura, Kaki Age tempura [vegetable julienne batter fried in the tempura pan in circular clumps which is crunchy and enjoyed with lime salt]. What’s more, at Nihonbashi tempura lovers can even find crispy Karapincha and Gotukola tempura bringing a truly Sri Lankan touch for world famous batter fried dishes.

Cooked bits of tempura are either eaten with dipping sauce [tensui] or used to assemble other dishes and is commonly served with grated daikon and eaten hot immediately after frying. Tempura Mori Awase is such an assortment of seafood and vegetables at Nihonbashi.

Tempura is also used in combination with other Japanese food. Nihonbashi serves over soba (buckwheat noodles) known as tempura soba or tensoba. You can even get it served as a donburi dish where tempura shrimp and vegetables are served over steamed rice in a bowl (tendon) and on top of udon soup (Tempura Udon).

Customers can even find non traditional and fusion uses of tempura at the Tempura Bar at Nihonbashi Hilton Colombo Residence outlet where, although an unusual dish, Tempura Ice-cream have gained popularity among everyone who comes.

It should be remembered that the quality of the Tempura depends on the quality of the ingredients, thickness and temperature of the batter, the temperature of the oil, frying time and especially the length of time from the time it is served to when it is consumed! Tempura after frying has a life span of 10 seconds to 45 seconds and due to this reason Tempura restaurants in Japan have counters where the frying takes place in front of the guest. In a similar manner, Nihonbashi Tempura Bar can be found at the Hilton Colombo Residence giving Sri Lanka better tempura.

Don’t forget that whenever you are in a mood for something with a difference yet tasty, Tempura can be an ideal dish so why not drop into Nihonbashi’s main restaurant at No.11, Galle Face Terrace or visit Nihonbashi Tempura Bar at the Hilton Colombo Residence where the chef prepares fresh tempura right in front of you. Reservations/ inquiries are just a call away on 011-2323847.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

For the sheer pleasure of Vegie Lovers....

Japanese food is well known around the world for its unique taste and there’s always something to delight every one’s varied lifestyles.  Although popularly known for sushi and sashimi or rather sea food, historically, Japanese cuisine has been one of the greatest and undoubtedly healthiest vegetarian cuisine in the world thanks to tofu, miso, soba so on and on.
Fresh vegetables have always been important in Japanese cuisine, with meals representing the seasonal changes of the country. Rice of course is the staple food of Japan, followed by the second most popular menrui (noodles).
Inspired fine Japanese cuisine in Colombo, Nihonbashi restaurants offer a wide array of mouthwatering and delectable dishes for the sheer pleasure of our vegetarian guests.
With edamame (imported Japanese soya bean pods) or tofu as an ideal starter, to garlic rice or vegan chahan (Japanese fried rice), to vegetable tempura dishes adding to it karapincha and gotukola, and to noodles and other vegetarian set menus, indulge yourself in a truly magical Japanese feast.
Upon special request to our waiters, you can even order certain non-veg items such as okonomiyaki to be to be prepared for your veggie preference. 
So if you want to embark in a vegetarian culinary journey in a Japanese style, don’t forget to drop in to Nihonbashi restaurants. Nihonbashi at the Galle Face Terrace-Colombo 03 is open daily for lunch from 12:00noon to 2:30pm and dinner from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. Reservations are just a call away on 011-2323847.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Nihonbashi's Sushi Bar @ ODEL


The Odel outlet caters to the young and hip cosmopolitan Colombo. If you are in need of a quick and convenient lunch or a place to recuperate and have a meal inbetween crazy hours of shopping, the sushi bar and the restaurant at ODEL is the place to be.

Nihonbashi at Odel offers sushi platters, sushi rolls, donburi and the world famed "...Japanese Curry Rice" for a quick bite. Eat in or simply take out your favourite sushi from the only Japanese cuisine outlet in colombo 07. You could also call in advance to make an order to be ready for take away on +9411718758.